Sunday, October 15, 2006


Like CamieVog, I too, celebrate the Tigers 2006 AL Pennant! Unbelievable! We now await the victor between the Mets and the Cardinals, with the Cards up 2-1 at present. But the Cardinals prevail I am ready! Here we have a cardboard premium from 1968 which I got a local grocery store! You're supposed to cut it out and fold it and then put the little pennant in the mouth! When I mentioned this thing to my Cardinal-loving friend Lucy, (mistakenly thinking the thing in the mouth was a little Cardinal, not a pennant) I realized I have a few of these things, unpunched(!) from when I was a wee lad! Enjoy!

Here we have the front cover:

And the two inside pages, ready for your scissors!

and the back cover! Thanks Farmer Jack in 1968!

If the Mets win, take pennant, cross out "Cardinals", and replace with "Mets!" Thank you for your cooperation, and go Tigers!


Cynnie said...

I'm gonna make me one of those..
I'll take a pic and blog the bastard..
wearing it hasta be good luck ..right ?

Camie Vog said...

In my last post I mistakenly said the Cards were leading with a 3-1! I have since corrected my error and updated last nights stats. Thanks for the explination of the term "World Series".


Go Tigers! Don't fathom baseball but who cares. Beers on you if they win?