Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This vid has been makin' me happy for several days now...make sure you watch the finale! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Nicolas Brothers...



brilliant! The tears are still in me eyes. What movie is that from?

Ron said...

4D, that clip is from "Stormy Weather" a 1943 Fox musical with an all black cast! It's pretty cool, and available on DVD

Cynnie said...

i think i've seen that movie ..
lena Horne sings her song in it ?

And post something new!!

are we flirtin btw?

Ron said...

Yes, Cyn, Lena Horne not only sings but dances as well! (her only film dancing, I think)

of course we're flirtin'! Isn't everything more dee-lish that way?

Ron, wearin' his red thong...with chaps!