Monday, October 23, 2006

Sloggin' Through, one financial trench at a time.

Fluffy Stuffin', another day, another dollar!

Although I haven't had the union traumas that Camie (Hi, Vog!) has had lately, it's not as though the coffers of Fluffy Stuffin are overflowin'! Things are bad, and if I don't come up with a pathetically small amount of coin by the 1st, the fluff will be removed from the dryer, and I'll be left livin' under a bridge for Xmas. I have been hackin' away, but my biz opportunities have dried up and things have left me pretty glum. I'm hackin' away, but I need some good Blog Energy to see if the situation can be rectified.


Goesh said...

I wish I would have bought more Gold back when it was really starting to heat up in Iraq. Any unilateral action occuring in oil areas always panics people and up it goes. The multinational action in Iraq back in Gulf war 1. did not panic people all that much because of direct Arab involvement. This is of no help for you now - I may as well send a buck for a cup of coffee, but if it dips to $400, buy, because it will absolutely skyrocket in a few years once Iran is nuclearized and things really heat up. We'll easily see the rush numbers of 79-80' and most likely much higher. That will be the last opportunity for a killing with gold because when the real Iran crisis hits, alternatives to oil will not be fully operational. The big boys are moving on that though, rest assured of that. This is all long term stuff - our big ticket in the long run is our food producing ability. I have no immediate advice because I don't know you, though from your wit displayed over at the Althouse blog, you will survive. That I would wager on. Good luck!


little on the way old bean. Hang in there.