Thursday, May 26, 2005

This is not that important, but...

When you wake up in the morning, and you need a pot of coffee, and you go to rinse out the pot, which has a little bit of coffee from yesterday in it...

...and you pour that bit in the sink...

the smell of coffee, that crisp, sharp used smell....

well, that just tells me the day has started. Mmmmmm....

10 things Noahie and I like

Let's see...

1.) Skittles

2.) Knock-knock jokes

3.) Many sided dice

4.) Mama

5.) Marbles

6.) The "Jewels" game

7.) Zorak -- how ever broken

8.) Basketball

9.) Baby Mozart

10.) Nuggets -- with sauce

Friday, May 06, 2005

Uh Oh part 2

It seems Kim is hosed that I put her "oh-so-flattering" (her choice of words) pic up there yesterday.

I'm in trouble now!

But should I be? What woman ever likes a picture taken of her? Can there be a flattering picture of anyone stickin out their tongue? What's a guy to do?

I promise Kim, I'll put up as flattering a picture of you as you would may guest blog even!

Iacocca! Iacocca!

Cammie brought Master Noahie over and we went to a park.

I wrapped up Noahie and I rolled down a hill with him, just for the fun of rolling, while mama got it on camera!

As we were rolling, Noahie kept saying Iacocca, Iacocca! for reasons that are unknown to us!

I mean, I haven't even explained L'affaire Dreyfus to him yet, much less the Chrysler Bailout of '79!

He's still ahead of us in knowledge...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kim -- givin' the raspberry to all things that need it

My friend Kim and I couldn't be more different, but that girl is as tight as hospital corners!

Had fun with Kim today; just coffee (decaf for the preggers Kimster) and a small stroll through Kerrytown with Moto-Chan in tow.

I find it interesting that we get along so well, as we couldn't be more different in so many ways; Kim is certainly widely travelled, and I am not. Kim radiates charm, and a sense of fun, and is still quite the beauty, ( Cammie compares here to Gwen Stefani, which we all agree with and like) while I still seem to be channeling Orsen Welles in "Touch of Evil" in so many ways...

Still, I know when the connection is made when I find myself wanting to do two things:

1.) Helping her get what she wants from life. Not in a controlling or savior kind of way, more like a fighter wingman attacking the Evil Nazi Bombers of Life. Got That?

2.) Wanting to share stuff that's cool (like Space Ghost!) just to watch her reaction and be informed forthwith, even if she doesn't like it.

Life is made better by such energies. Mucho love to K,M, and Moto-Chan, of course...


Of all things, I actually have what I need to make peanut butter cookies in this house at one time:

Peanut Butter, Sugar, Vanilla, and an Egg.

The egg is odd man out normally; The House of Fun just doesn't have 'em around that much, probably because my omelette making stinks on ice, so why embarass/frustrate yourself?

So why haven't I made peanut butter cookies? Ah, I've got three built-in reasons for that one, but they're all lies.

1.) I haven't any parchment paper or Pam -- they would stick! (lame, I know. Besides Cammie could help here)

2.) Goddamn it, save those eggs for yet another attempt at that Good Omelette! Who the frick am I kidding?

3.) I'm depressed -- the idea of peanut butter cookies unmade is better than actually making them, because you would then have to eat them and then they would be gone, and you couldn't go back to reason number two.

So I'm writing to say that I don't like this state of uneaten cookiedom, but through my own cluelessness I've backed myself into it. Who figured this out? Not me; it was a couple of characters from my unfinished novel that needled me about these frickin' cookies this very evening. And were they just talking to me about cookies? Was I listening? Am I now? I think so; I can actually post this for the world to read. If, by "world", I mean Cammie and I. Cammie is a world unto herself, so how many more planets do I need to orbit the windmills of my mind? Why do I write sentences like that, other than I'm tired? (OK, good enough reason)

Tommorow, I will decide to make cookies...or not. And either way is cool.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Workin' out the Fluffy Stuffin... Posted by Hello