Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fixin' things

For those of you who've follow the saga of my foot, things came to a ,er ah, head this past weekend. I finally went into the emergency room, even though I have no funds. To make matters short, I've had an infection in the foot called cellulitus. It wasn't broken, nor did I have a circulatory problem, it was infected and the infection started to go up my leg. I first got an antibiotic, but I had such a negative reaction to that (some of the worst few hours I've ever had!) I went back to the ER. This time I had IV antibiotic, and am now taking a different one. It will take 3 days to see if it has fixed things totally, but I do notice the swelling is down. I am still quite drained, and am still in bathroom most of the day, but I'm drinking juices like mad,so hopefully, all will be well. I even found a good social worker who will help with the healthcare to pay for this.

Much thanks to Camie, LK, and M.Morrow for their much appreciated goading and support. You're the best of the best...

Now if I could just sleep...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Favorite Ginger Ad of the Moment

Movie Stars plug products -- always have, always will. But why the accordion maker thought the dancer would sell accordions....we'll never know.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Linkage for You!

I love finding new links, either through different feeder sites, or just stumbling across them on my own. So, let me pass along a few I hope you like!

Cool Food Blog: Tigers & Strawberries.

Wanna know about every snack food known to man?: Taquitos!

As a general purpose food review site, Chowhound is like riding a wave of questions, and responses about food. I love just watching the topics and posts fly by!

For those of you here in the US who want to bring back the Pure Funk of '70's basketball, there is no better site than Remember the ABA.

I grew up with a cartoon magazine about cars called CarTOONS....and, of course, there's a site about it.

Need to know about Soviet Calculators? Here ya go!

It hasn't been edited in 13 years, but if you need to know how to make a blowtorch out of a Strawberry Pop Tart, this is where you go.

Need an agent?

A really cool blog by a woman who drives a cab in New York. She now has a book coming too! Excellent writer!

Is that guy dead or not? Find out here!

The Mother Lode of Audrey Hepburn knowledge!

More pearls as I find them...

Friday, May 18, 2007

A splendid time was had!

While Camie was having the cool breakfast, the Stuffing household was preparing for the Pistons-Bulls Game 6 tong war! Cable is lacking now-a-days in la maison du fluff, but LK in Seattle sent us her rabbit ears which got us some mighty snow reception for local Pistons coverage. LK herself called with here time-delayed ESPN coverage blow-by-blow commentaries. Linda W. (know to Camie and I as "Linder") was coming by after work, around 9:30, Mike M. stopped by with videos and snappy comebacks (we seranaded LK with our duet of the Patty Duke Theme Music), and Mike P. finished his radio show, heard our ruckus and came downstairs from the back apartment, so the house was rockin'! Fortunately, Linder showed up with a $5 pizza, and an icepack for my foot. I told her if she were also wearing an evening gown while frying bacon she'd be the perfect woman....

There's little that can match 4 screamers at the TV and a long-distance call to boot for sheer entertainment...Mike M. fiddled with the short cable for the rabbit ears, but lacking an F-to-F connector (an "Indigo Girls" connector, he calls it) we could only go so far, but we did get color.

We finally cast the Bulls back to the hell-pits whence they came, and we probably get to duke it out with Bron-Bron from Cleveland, but hey, maybe Jersey! 5 straight Eastern Conference Finals for this crew of 'stons; Mighty Damn Impressive.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Here we have the prime view of the lilac bush that runs parallel to my house. It's May, and they're in bloom.

This is the view directly opposite my bedroom window.
And here we have the view across the street, looking into a portion of a golf course.

The lilacs won't last long, and I thought I'd share them before they go.

Friday, May 11, 2007

2 down, 1 to go

As regular readers of Fluffy Stuffin know, we having nothing but the bestest, deepest love for all of Family Vog over at Perfect Blue Buildings. Today, if you go and check it out, is a great series of milestones of accomplishment there -- a new home, Baby Vog, new wheels even! These are sublimely cool events, and in months to come, will get the support and care of us Fluffsters in all things cool....
But this is a post to show by comparisons, where the House of Fluff is at. Things aint too good.
In many ways, I'm getting overwhelmed here, much the same way Camie was last year. And now I'm having difficulties with my foot which makes things even worse. I have been in this state for a long time, and I'm sick to death of it.

I wanted to mention specifics here, but I find I can't do it. It's just all too touchy right now; I'm a roil of a variety of feelings and those feelings are keeping me from acting as best I can. But something that is different and positive is that I'm slugging through things a lot better. A few years ago I actually had some temporary respite financially, but I wasn't acting on that! That's because my mind was not in that good place it should have been, which just goes to show how bad things have been for a very long time. The base of the change from then to now, is really Camie, and being able to help with The Little Man as he has been growing up. They are as much family as I have ever known.

There are many, many problems remaining, but with love and support I will work through them as best as I can. Maybe next year a house of my own.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sinko de Mayo

Ok, I did this yesterday....just like I was supposed to...

...and what? What happens? It's been a day...does Pancho Villa come down the chimney? Are there presents under the cactus tree?

Man, what a ripoff holiday...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Meanwhile, back in Dealey plaza...

Check it out!
It's not every day you find a Texas School Book Depository Building just the right size for my Lego re-creation of the Zapruder film! This is, of course, after I amass the huge quantity of Pez heads needed to reshoot Triumph of the Will!

(BTW, I love how in the Wikipedia article, Mick Jagger tells Leni Reifenstahl at his wedding that he's seen Triumph at least 15 times...What is Leni Reifenstahl doing at Mick Jagger's wedding?)

This place is really cool if you're into building models;
I want the Empire State Building -- with Blimp!

This place is just way cool also!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

HobbleJones McGurk

Ok, the foot has bothered me into trying to take some kind of action. I think we will have another go at trying to lose a few of the excess pounds of Me, so we can at least take some of the gravity pressure off. As to how I'm going to do this...well, I plan on getting a stationary bike AND a recliner! The stationary bike has to be just so, and I do like Camie's which is a recumbant. This is what I would prefer. Does any of y'all have a lead on such a thing, as cash around here is as rare as eyebrows on eggs. The recliner serves another purpose. Ideally, it should be able to get the foot above my chest, minor experiments with here, have been successful. Another purpose is that there is no truly comfy furniture here at Fluffy Central, and this would be a first. Diet is another issue which I will work through, but in a way, that should be easier.

The key may be my ability to keep a positive tone about the process. For the most part, past efforts were grim affairs, which frankly were doomed to failure. Nor will scare tactics help the process. No, I've got to want to do this, and keep doing 6 months from now. I am intrigued by the prospect, and will rely on my friendly readers for support.