Wednesday, May 02, 2007

HobbleJones McGurk

Ok, the foot has bothered me into trying to take some kind of action. I think we will have another go at trying to lose a few of the excess pounds of Me, so we can at least take some of the gravity pressure off. As to how I'm going to do this...well, I plan on getting a stationary bike AND a recliner! The stationary bike has to be just so, and I do like Camie's which is a recumbant. This is what I would prefer. Does any of y'all have a lead on such a thing, as cash around here is as rare as eyebrows on eggs. The recliner serves another purpose. Ideally, it should be able to get the foot above my chest, minor experiments with here, have been successful. Another purpose is that there is no truly comfy furniture here at Fluffy Central, and this would be a first. Diet is another issue which I will work through, but in a way, that should be easier.

The key may be my ability to keep a positive tone about the process. For the most part, past efforts were grim affairs, which frankly were doomed to failure. Nor will scare tactics help the process. No, I've got to want to do this, and keep doing 6 months from now. I am intrigued by the prospect, and will rely on my friendly readers for support.



Slimfast took 3 stone off me in 4 months - ok I layed off the beer too - but I'd recommend it.

I also grew an extra toe and became a paranoid schizophrenic but what the hell the weight came off. What's an insignificant side effect to bein' slimm(er)

Camie Vog said...

Got to the Body For Life Site. It has food recommendations, which I found helpful, and exercise plans. You may have to modify some of them. Like I said on the phone, I lost 3 pounds from Monday to Wed. Just by chaging my food intake and lifting and riding....

Cynnie said...

baby..good luck..I'm fighting the weight thing myself..