Friday, May 11, 2007

2 down, 1 to go

As regular readers of Fluffy Stuffin know, we having nothing but the bestest, deepest love for all of Family Vog over at Perfect Blue Buildings. Today, if you go and check it out, is a great series of milestones of accomplishment there -- a new home, Baby Vog, new wheels even! These are sublimely cool events, and in months to come, will get the support and care of us Fluffsters in all things cool....
But this is a post to show by comparisons, where the House of Fluff is at. Things aint too good.
In many ways, I'm getting overwhelmed here, much the same way Camie was last year. And now I'm having difficulties with my foot which makes things even worse. I have been in this state for a long time, and I'm sick to death of it.

I wanted to mention specifics here, but I find I can't do it. It's just all too touchy right now; I'm a roil of a variety of feelings and those feelings are keeping me from acting as best I can. But something that is different and positive is that I'm slugging through things a lot better. A few years ago I actually had some temporary respite financially, but I wasn't acting on that! That's because my mind was not in that good place it should have been, which just goes to show how bad things have been for a very long time. The base of the change from then to now, is really Camie, and being able to help with The Little Man as he has been growing up. They are as much family as I have ever known.

There are many, many problems remaining, but with love and support I will work through them as best as I can. Maybe next year a house of my own.



love n support from Blighty FS. Hang in there mate.

(See what I can do but a bit brassic at the mo)

Cynnie said...

mhmm..wonder if i could get a job there ?

We could be room mates!..
aww floofy..i loves you man ..and I am thinking about you..
We should talk more often

Anonymous said...

mabe ur bipolar n need some zyprexa r abilify r geodon r seroquel. jsut a racy thotneways i hope its sorted out soonest