Friday, May 04, 2007

Meanwhile, back in Dealey plaza...

Check it out!
It's not every day you find a Texas School Book Depository Building just the right size for my Lego re-creation of the Zapruder film! This is, of course, after I amass the huge quantity of Pez heads needed to reshoot Triumph of the Will!

(BTW, I love how in the Wikipedia article, Mick Jagger tells Leni Reifenstahl at his wedding that he's seen Triumph at least 15 times...What is Leni Reifenstahl doing at Mick Jagger's wedding?)

This place is really cool if you're into building models;
I want the Empire State Building -- with Blimp!

This place is just way cool also!

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* (asterisk) said...

Now you've said it, I really want to see that Lego Zapruder reconstruction, so don't disappoint me now!