Monday, December 20, 2004

Hands-On Blog Healing

My bud (he he he) over at Perfect Blue Buildings is quite sick with flu; Noahie is confused, and we at Fluffy Stuffin' are worried/concerned for her because we love and care for her a lot! A big lot! Like a whole U2's worth of caring! (Shouldn't there be a U2 cover band that calls itself SR-71? It only seems logical...)

So if the blogosphere has any energy in it to spare, send it to Michelle so that she can get off the couch and fight with Noahie about how many Skittles he can have.

Out, flu, out! Flee! Scram! Vamoose! The Mighty Fishwah commands it!

Please get better -- for Xmas!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Theme for Thee

I decided that I wanted to branch out a bit with the blog; beyond my audience of Miki and Noah! But what to write on? I wanted to keep the blog close to my heart and not really go crazy on a particular topic. So what I intend to do is to have some sub-themes that will recur throughout the blog. These themes at this moment will include:

Life is Beautiful, what's good in my life. It could be big or small, but will write about what makes me happiest.

Things Suck, what's not so good. As you can imagine.

What Tha?!?, Things that perplex me...

More as I develop things.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Camie Vog Arrives!

At last the commenting post toastie appear...In all her Wahness...

Oh, that the too, too solid Yanks would melt...Game 7 tomorrow...ugh...What a world it is when RedSoxSadism is what we are reduced too...Oh, the symbolism of Curt Schilling's bloody ankle! A Red Sox Indeed!

Would Noahie save me some berries? He may have all the Easy Mac he can Mactabolize...

One of these days, I actually need to write something on this blog addressed to The World.

Ah, but will Mikwah learn the Pippi Longstocking Theme Song like Lorelai and Rory?

I will not be/have blinds at the end of tomorrow...Can my nude gypsy dancing be done? To the Mighty Led Zeppelin as it has so much lately?

Crazy Mike sits at the back of my mind like a thrumming didgeridoo... ideas appear and get typed...

more, Camie Vog, I need more...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Oh, Yeah?

Some Comment-writers-in-waiting claim that they will respond to this blog with their droll remarks, but I tend to think of them as more drool remarks instead...we are not amused...except by Grandmaster Noah, the hip-hoppiest Old Testament Prophet of them all! And all-around Skittles junkie...

Some potential commenteers (like "mousekeeters") forget that their cats are spies who work for me...

But enough defensive bloggage! On to...on to... the couch for more serious contemplation of the Eternal Verities...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Uh Oh

Well, I got a bit in trouble today for letting Noah eat too many Skittles yesterday such that he didn't want to eat dinner, just Skittles and M&M's....(which for me that would be a good dinner, but for a two year old, not so much)

Poor Noahie got a talkin' to about his crass manipulation of Uncle Ron, so he was warned off the "juice" for today...

Still, he drug me into the kitchen, and asked me open the door where the Skittles were kept....and when I did so, he said "Sorry, Uncle Ron" and ran out into the next room... this is not a bad model of social interaction when you think about it...

So, should I give him the 5-pound bag of Skittles for Halloween?

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Why the Title?

Before people ask...I had an old, ratty loveseat that was so bad I finally decided to just pitch it. It wound up next door to me, and then, from there thrown out next the house waiting to be removed...and waiting... the squirrels finally figured out there was damn fine nesting material in there so, as my friend Miki pointed out,
The squirrels are eatin' your fluffy stuffin
hence...the new world view...

Friday, October 08, 2004

First Day

Hi there, Ron here....Fluffy Stuffin' is my blog of many things, some serious, some funny...stop on by and comment as you will!

Oh, and a shout out to Master Noah for his coolness and love of bubbles...

Be Well