Monday, December 20, 2004

Hands-On Blog Healing

My bud (he he he) over at Perfect Blue Buildings is quite sick with flu; Noahie is confused, and we at Fluffy Stuffin' are worried/concerned for her because we love and care for her a lot! A big lot! Like a whole U2's worth of caring! (Shouldn't there be a U2 cover band that calls itself SR-71? It only seems logical...)

So if the blogosphere has any energy in it to spare, send it to Michelle so that she can get off the couch and fight with Noahie about how many Skittles he can have.

Out, flu, out! Flee! Scram! Vamoose! The Mighty Fishwah commands it!

Please get better -- for Xmas!


g. willikers said...

good lord! ron, have you (d)evolved into a posterchild for The Wiggles or what? where is the angst? the pomo rants on the futility of verisimilitude? the steroid rage?


one must wonder if Noah(ie) can a) read and b) log on to fluffy stuffin'. answer hazy, ask again later.

that said, I hope he feels better.

Camie Vog said...

Evolved? You mean you don't munch on skittles while drinking scotch a soda? The angst? oh, he's still has it. I hear it every day. and yes, that Noah(ie) CAN read, even though he is two and a half. That's why password protection is a must. He's not the average, he is the exception. The Wiggles, hmmm, so last summer. He's moved on to Higgly Town Heros. The music is more interesting.

Interesting- like the cool guy I once knew who lived large, was unreserved, fast with his words, drank goood scotch played a mean piano (well,even) and had a great voice with eyes to match. Where did HE go?
How about another round of sushi, sir?

Ron said...

Angst? Most people haven't earned the right to angst, so when they try to affect it, it cheapens the bitter dregs for the rest of us. Just say it with me: "I'm unhappy with life." Hey, that's fine! But lose the Universalism; it went out with Kant.

Pomo rhymes with homo and Perry Como, neither of which I am, thus my lack of ranting...

I feel we basically have to be optimistic, because well, we're here. This assumes that we are basically worth being here, which has a lot of practical validity, even if it turns out not to be true. This is not say that we can't be pessimistic, but I feel it has to be earned the old-fashioned way; one miserable event at a time.

Ron always needs the future; and attitudes will follow me, not the vice-a versa.

Capece, Willikers?

g. willikers said...

That cool guy you once knew:

1. Still lives large
2. Is still unreserved
3. Is still fast with his words
4. Drinks less, but prefers good scotch
5. Still plays piano
6. Just turned 40
7. Has two kids 5(F) and 7(M)
8. Moved East - then back West - landing in greater Chicago
9. Just left an inappropriately rude comment on this blog that he is beginning to regret
10. Still wonders what life would have been like if he stayed in Tree Town.

But life moves on, and takes us along for the ride whether we like it or not.