Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Theme for Thee

I decided that I wanted to branch out a bit with the blog; beyond my audience of Miki and Noah! But what to write on? I wanted to keep the blog close to my heart and not really go crazy on a particular topic. So what I intend to do is to have some sub-themes that will recur throughout the blog. These themes at this moment will include:

Life is Beautiful, what's good in my life. It could be big or small, but will write about what makes me happiest.

Things Suck, what's not so good. As you can imagine.

What Tha?!?, Things that perplex me...

More as I develop things.


1 comment:

g. willikers said...

senor fish, is time to write.

I think it would be a fine idea to contact all active members of the treetown lefty cabal and link them into your headspace here. lordy knows it would be fine reading to pingpong vituperation and pithy slogans with the ill-tempered pseudo intelligensia. and much less self-indulgent.

I have to admit I love the term "mactabolize". given the option, that's all my daughter would do. until someday her mactabolism slowed down to a glacier-like crawl and she ballooned up into kirstey alley (sp?) or the michelin man (sp?) or, or,

and what of rimbaud?

let them wonder about that one.