Monday, October 10, 2005

She makes turkey, I make lasagna

The point of this post is to preempt Cammie's comment to the previous post, but, damn, I still got nothing to say! Is it preemption if you don't have weapons to preempt with?

Much is happening with many people around us, the wonderful Kim has had her child, Nadia, and Ol' Pal Evan is also now a father, to Rosario Irma! My friend Mikes' house done burned up, and we point the Laser of Bloggy Goodness in his direction for better times! Ride the Photons, baby!

I made a lasagna today, while Cammie made turkey, so food exchange will occur!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My sitemeter tells me Cammie Vog is watching!

Oh, dear, I guess I must post!

umm...nothin' on TV...She's not a baseball person...I need a shave! No, not that interesting...Hey, where are my curtains? Ah, don't mean to be a crabass! How about that German guy who found this blog through a search for "Strongest cigarettes?" What can I say there, there are no posts about cigarettes on this blog -- until this one! I had a dream I was making out with Gwyneth Paltrow in a side room at a kids birthday, boring... Found a good Early Beatles me, love my Netflix queue....damn, I need coffee...damn, I really need coffee...

Oh, well, nothing to say!

More nothing later...