Sunday, June 17, 2007

I aint dead yet

Sorry about not being around much; foot wrestling is still occurring. The short version of that is that my health is actually much better on paper than I thought it would be, but the foot is more swollen than ever. I'm now on a new antibiotic, so we'll see in a week. My friend Kim says she will help me get a recumbent exercise bike, so if I can I will be using that.

I've been running around on Facebook lately, with Camie, (amongst others!) and that's been fun like watching squirrels chase each other in the yard. I'll be back posting more at length later.

I hope my friend Victoria at Sundries returns soon; come back Shane!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Foot Follow Up

Well, things are still a bit undecided foot-wise. It has swollen again, and my doctor seems to think it's a 'venus incapacity', which means a vein problem of some sort where I'm not getting rid of enough fluid. I go back next week and see if I have high blood pressure and perhaps diabetes. Right now, I have a pressure sock on the bum foot, but it's not helping much, is uncomfortable and the leg has stiffened. Getting around is sort of difficult. This also puts pressure on me to work in some fashion to make a bit of cash so I don't get the boot come July 1. At this point a bit of weight loss becomes imperative, and I'm seeking a recumbant exercise bike similar to Camie's! I liked that one, and will try and find a similar device. I'm trying to find some way to sustain a long-term interest in exercise, which I've never had and have never liked. But we'll see now... (thanks to 4D for his concern!)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Foot Update

Drugs have been taken, and the leg is much better. The foot is not as good, and I'm running out of drugs. So I go Thursday to see what's what! Hopefully, all will be well.