Sunday, June 17, 2007

I aint dead yet

Sorry about not being around much; foot wrestling is still occurring. The short version of that is that my health is actually much better on paper than I thought it would be, but the foot is more swollen than ever. I'm now on a new antibiotic, so we'll see in a week. My friend Kim says she will help me get a recumbent exercise bike, so if I can I will be using that.

I've been running around on Facebook lately, with Camie, (amongst others!) and that's been fun like watching squirrels chase each other in the yard. I'll be back posting more at length later.

I hope my friend Victoria at Sundries returns soon; come back Shane!



Can't get me head around Facebook. S'ok but a bit out of control. Dangerous ground for me.

Hope the new medicine works for you.

Cynnie said...

I love facebook the moment..

And i love you
take care of that foot little darlin

bob said...