Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Linkage for You!

I love finding new links, either through different feeder sites, or just stumbling across them on my own. So, let me pass along a few I hope you like!

Cool Food Blog: Tigers & Strawberries.

Wanna know about every snack food known to man?: Taquitos!

As a general purpose food review site, Chowhound is like riding a wave of questions, and responses about food. I love just watching the topics and posts fly by!

For those of you here in the US who want to bring back the Pure Funk of '70's basketball, there is no better site than Remember the ABA.

I grew up with a cartoon magazine about cars called CarTOONS....and, of course, there's a site about it.

Need to know about Soviet Calculators? Here ya go!

It hasn't been edited in 13 years, but if you need to know how to make a blowtorch out of a Strawberry Pop Tart, this is where you go.

Need an agent?

A really cool blog by a woman who drives a cab in New York. She now has a book coming too! Excellent writer!

Is that guy dead or not? Find out here!

The Mother Lode of Audrey Hepburn knowledge!

More pearls as I find them...

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