Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Train in vain

Couldn't sleep again, so I thought hangin out on the front porch in the night quiet would crack open the door on the land of nod. But the trains were doing their nightly shuffle not 50 feet away so no quiet tonight! I wish that I could have painted it though...headlamp coming through the fog, the only thing you see for some time... then the lumbering (literally!) beasty blasts through, off to make Arthur Daniels Midland happy. The trees seemed happy to see it go...Perhaps I am prematurely excited over the Tigers win in the 1st playoff game with the A's last night...or I'm just cracking up naturally...Any of you Blogsters got some spare coffee to send an old Train Watcher? I'm near empty, and how can life continue with stimulants? ;-)

Someday a post composed of nothing but Movie Quotes or Song Lyrics, I promise!

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Tried counting sheep once but the bloody things wouldn't stop goin' "Baaah". A couple of shots of vodka does the trick over here.