Tuesday, October 24, 2006

and...I'm bored stiff!

Well, who'd of thunk that three games in, The World Series is just pretty boring. There is nothing matching the tension of Tigers/Yankees or Cardinals/Mets. So far the two teams are running into a starter in lock-down mode, and that is that, Reyes(!) and Carpenter for Stl, and Rogers for Det. Yawn. Yes, it's true the Detoit starters did this to the Yankees, but there was a lot of tension here because of the potent Yankee lineup could have exploded at any moment! But when Carpenter or Reyes put the clamp down, I had no feeling the Tigers bats would have caught up to them. Ditto for the Cards vs. Rogers. Well, here's hoping the remaining games are less dull.

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tangerinesky said...

Apparently, you're not the only one who's bored with the series. I'm just they haven't trotted out the market size issue yet.


All of this rain can't help either, but I still won't ever want to see the World Series in a neutral site!

Go Cards!