Monday, October 23, 2006


I see from my sitemeter that people are looking at my old pic of the Jimmy "Spiderman" Allen 45 I have which was posted earlier! Needless to say, this fine relic of '70's Lions memorabilia can be yours, yes yours, for the right amount of shekels! All offers entertained, as long as the Almighty Dollar is involved!

Trivia question of the day: When was the last time you actually played a 45?


Cynnie said...

Superior me plays one at least every month!!
I have in my possession my tia olgas record she made in cuba around 1942.
I love her voice.


Today. The Adverts "Crossing The Red Sea", Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks", Transvision Vamp "Velveteen". Ok I was pissed by Tranvision Vamp...

sara said...

well i started today out by listening to my beat up copy of jimmy "spideman " allen. searched online to find nothing on this record but football fans talking about it. i think this is very funny to say the least.

how many shekels you need? i'll start out the bidding at $5.

email me at

another interesting anecdote is that you will never know how many football related disco records were made during the 70's early 80's. i know of one for the Steelers, "super steelers disco", also whatever the seattle football team is, supersonic something? i have arap tune about them. need a better copy of this record on CUE 2 to complete my football disco collection.

please email me.

sara said...

oh yeah, also have mad Lakers related 45's. maybe we could broaden the category to include all african american dominated sports which led to early hip hop records (mainly pressed on 45's). the group kleeer did a song about the Raiders maybe?