Thursday, November 30, 2006

Camie knows how much Fluffy Loves and Cares

Please go over to PerfectBlueBuildings and send your bloggy support to Camie, while her mom is wrestling health issues...

We are all with you, Vog!


Cynnie said...

You are the bestest you know ?

Is cams family dealing with the red cross? ( in case mom needs blood during any surguries she may have )
I can give blood here and have it credited to her mom if that's helpful in anyways..
I dont want to bother Camie with little stuff..
She's preggers and has an ailing xmas time!..
thats too much for anyone..
but Camie is the toughest chick i know ..
Give her A big hug and kiss for me ..Okay ?

And pat yourself on the ass for me too ..


n then some