Thursday, November 02, 2006

10 Fluffy Notions

Lord knows we have struggled from time to time for bloggy topics to write about! So I put my brain in MetaFluffy mode just to give us some ideas to choose from. Have at it!

1.) You're in a limo with a pretty big wad of cash, in your favorite city in the world, and you want to have the best evening of your life. What do you do? Do you do it alone? If not, with who?

2.) You can get away with one illegal action without getting arrested, but if it's dangerous you might be stopped by the person you are trying to do this to. What do you do?

3.) In your most respectful, non-obscene, sincere voice how would you tell someone they had a great ass?

4.) Pick someones blog that you like. Ask them to write a post about something you are interested in, even if they are not. If they do it, do the same for them. If they don't, write about your feelings of rejection.

5.) Have a "blog conversation" with someone else's blog; They write a post; you directly respond with a post of your own. They respond to that. Make it at least twice through. If you can, have a third party pick the topic.

6.) By some miracle, your worst enemy will accept either a dog or a cat from you as a pet. What do you give them?

7.) You and your five best friends all agree to take two weeks off together. They will let you pick either where you go or what you will all do together, but not both. Which do you take?

8.) Think of the bloggers you like to read. Which one of them would you like to see in elected office? Why?

9.) Think of your favorite person. What would you most want to give/do/share for them, assuming that they will never get to know that it would come from you?

10.) Describe how your high school age self and your 90 year old self would think about you today, especially your blog.

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1.) Debbie Harry circa 1980's, Clare Grogan circa 1980's, Toyah Wilcox same.

2.) Kill my mother

3.) Grab it

4.) Off yer go then FS. Write about Oldham Athletic Football Club. Dare yer!

5.) My brain would hurt trying this

6.) A doberman trained to rip out throats at the sound of a human voice.

7.) What we do

8.) Me. 'Cause I'm power mad.

9.) Win the lottery n give em money

10.) Young self would think "dick" old self would think "dick". Always been consistent.