Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thinkin about Thinkin

I actually think about the process of thinking a lot. I know, I know, don’t do it, go from the gut, blah blah blah. Well, I just can’t go there, my own rational nature won’t let me. At some level I feel I can figure out some way of improving the very process of my thoughts, through self-understanding and think better than I do now. This may be crazy, but I really do believe it. But I also know how quickly you can get into ‘paralysis by analysis,’ which is a disaster as well.

So I’ve been thinking about the thinking I do about thinking. Got that? Good!

Two things have come out which are workin’ on my cabbage about it. I remember a quote from Herder (I think!) where he compared the emotional and rational worlds to the difference between colors, shapes, scents and textures and the geometric world of lines, angles,circles, etc. For him the later represented the rational part of our minds. If we had to, you could exist in this world of lines better than you could in a land of undifferentiated colors, scents, etc. The latter would be too confusing; the former at least is defined enough that you could navigate through it. But the world is both. Why stress one at the expense of the other? I’m strongly drawn to this analogy, and have been chewing on it a lot.

The other refers to my older post about hitting a baseball. I’ve come to see the process of thought is a lot like that as well. Timing, execution, observation, just the whole gestalt of smacking line drives, for a while at a time, but every day, without exception. I’ve been working that way quite a bit lately.

The fusing of these two conceptual approaches has had a terrific effect lately. All of the objects in my mind lately, especially the emotionally tinged ones, feel “bigger”, more substantial, fuller, happier, just….just more than they have before. I wish I were a better writer than I am, I’d let you feel/think these things as they spill out of my fevered mind. There are tons of them now; it’s part of why I have trouble sleeping. I don’t want to sleep, it slows down the thinking/feeling process.

I wish I were in a hellfire passionate relationship right now. My significant other would get the full rush of all this energy, in about twenty dimensions. But it’s hard to share even with friends. Even Camie, with whom I think I have had the most beautiful, strongest friendship I’ve ever had, sees just the tip of the iceberg, and as Mama Vog has quite a full life herself, plus The Little Man, and PeaPod Vog to worry over, I just don’t think that Fate will gives us the chance for me to share that. Such is Life, I’m not complaining!

Perhaps this blog will get some of that heat, as I’m choosing even to share just this with you all. Sorry for going on here about myself; I promise that I’m going to try to turn this energy into things that are good for you, my bloggy readers, not just the echo chamber of my mind. Stay tuned.

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