Saturday, December 09, 2006

A day and a half ago...

...I met up with my friend Kim K in the mall. She called last minute, just because we hadn't seen each other in a tic, and so to the mall I went. We had fun singing Christmas carols in German while we pushed her 1-year old daughter around She invited me to her Xmas party next week, and I will try and take pictures! Kim will trick herself out, undoubtedly!

Made my cheesy macaroni, and had some for breakfast this morning, with nice strong coffee!

Chased a number of small things down, but the big things remain elusive!

As I sent bloggy support to Camie, so do we at the House of Fluff send our care to 4Dinners for all that he needs. He is one of the best on the web, if you don't know that! Go check him out.

I love the fact that all kinds of people find this blog through searching for 'stuffin young muffins', (ahem) and that crazy pic of the single of Jimmy Spiderman Allen!

Watched a good Pistons win the last two nights!

I'd like to think Ack/Nak has moved on to being a bumbershoot repairman, but, at any rate, he's moved on!
Check him out as well.

Sundries writes with her usual aplomb; it was as if she never took a break! More worthy reading.

My novel characters are talking to me in my head this evening. Should I post more of The Wendy Story or are all y'all bored with it?

Does anyone have a spare white icicle light strand? We need here, as such lights are part of my 'fireplace' of lights....

Peace Out


bob said...

I'll pull back the curtain on my new gig on Monday. Julie and I had dinner with the two founders (husband and wife) last night; afterward Julie remarked, "You were really yourself with them." That's why I'm excited about the change - any job where you get to "be yourself" is a massive step up.


Ta for the thoughts FS. Jax doin good. Very good. Dunno the timing over there - 13:00? but if yer get chance pop over to The Drunk Punk Debut Show goin out this Saturday Midnight GMT straight after Cappy's show. Instructions on listening mailed and on the blog.