Monday, December 18, 2006

A Tag from Cynnie

Here it comes!

* Rules for this tag game are:
-Grab the closest book to you
-Open Page 123
-Scroll down to the 5th sentence
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog
-Name the book and author
-Tag 3 people

Chan's star began to shine in the late 70s though he had been a movie actor since the beginning of that decade. In the mid-70's, he was signed by director Luo Wei, who had directed Bruce Lee's first two films in Hong Kong. Luo featured him as a Bruce Lee clone in New Fist of Fury/Xin Jinguru Men (1976), The Killer Meteors/Fengyu Shuangliu Xing(1978), To Kill With Intrigue/Jianhua Yanyu Jiangnam(1977), The Magnificent Bodyguard/Feidu Juanyun Shan(1978), Spiritual Kung Fu/Quan Jing(1978) and Dragon Fist/Long Quan(1979).

Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions

Stephen Teo

I tag Ack/Nak
and Old Panther

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