Saturday, January 27, 2007


Although I'm not 100% sure about this, I don't think TheFS will serve food, but rather, be a land where true desserts rule! And what better than to be served up by an Automat! Now, unlike most linear automats, I think TheFS will have an automat that fits in a semicircle, with a Waitron Plus Grande in the middle to handle all nonsense, and give occasional abuse. Each slice of this Semicircle of Sweetness could be themed, and I definitely want each drawer to have a bit of music. You pull the drawer that plays the Mexican Hat Dance, your dessert is free! It might be nice if all desserts were off the Liberace Scale of Decadence, and the Automat itself should be perhaps rhinestone encrusted. Dessert should not be simple and plain, it should aspire to ostentatiousness! If you're not in insulin shock at the end of it, we haven't done our job! Here are some of our samples!

Anything Sea Green or that looks like a mahogany frisbee, must be tasty right? The Panzer III would not be a normal offering, but perhaps as a torte. The heart-shaped creme brulees you give to losers at bowling. And the little bricks of Raspberry Spam? Hey, you're on your own there!


Four Dinners said...

what no curry????

Cynnie said...

4d you silly goose..
Cake is all you really need..