Thursday, January 04, 2007

I must post ere Camie go mad!

It's bad enough that I check my site meter too much, now Camie's been doin' it to. I blame the Bean, as it's good to blame them before they get born and start to fight back!

So...I had to explain to Victoria the meaning of Cold Lampin, and while I was rolling around in the Urban Dictionary, (which you should, it's a blast!) I found some FS related definitions:

CA Fluff Fluffs -- oh, yeah, baby...

Who hasn't done a Fluffy Bullshit Project?

With luck you have a Fluffy Butt!

But you don't want a Fluffy Walrus!

Peace Out


Camie Vog said...

I am down with the CA Fluff Fluffs, have done a Fluffy Bullshit Project, currently have a Fluffy Butt, and never ever want to experience a Fluffy Walrus!

Cynnie said...

Im so out of the loop . . I do have a fluffy butt though