Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let's play with it shall we?

Over at Althouse, I finally posted my idea for a cafe, which we shall hereby call The Fluffy Stuffin'. Let me quote my own posting about it, part of which is directed towards Victoria, whom I have given the use of "The Highball" for her restaurant.

I want to open a cafe that includes an automat for desserts, a bowling alley, a bit of coffee of course, a photo booth that will email your snaps to you, and one of those ex-cigarette machines that dispenses pack-sized Art in a box. Althouse may appear alternate Tuesdays, for a couple hours, to dispense legal and/or education related advice in exchange for slices of carrot cake. Palm & Tarot readings, fortunes told through games of Yahtzee, games of Risk, Life, and Candyland played for high stakes just like Texas Hold'em.... We'll do it all.
You in, Vic?

Victoria had a nice reply:

You in, Vic?

You got a deal buster!

Thanks for the moniker dispensation, as well, Ron.

I really liked your vision of that automat and though I'd probably do a skittles lane instead, I am bowled over by your Tuesday's With Althouse idea. (groan)

As for the Tarot readings, can we get one of those funfair machines with the automated gypsy? The kind you put in a shilling/nickle, and after a lot of shaking and hurdy-gurdy shenanigans from the belit gypsy, you got a little paper out with your fortune.

I once saw that in a film starring Hugh Grant called "Rowing with the Wind". He played Lord Byron during the weekend where Mary Shelley invented "Frankenstein".

Do any of you remember that scene where a mechanical belly dancer jumps out, and does a little gyrating strip-tease for him?

This is what passed for eroticism in the early 1800s.

Anyway, I WANT that machine for The Highball, Ron.

Well, I like some of that, but I believe we shall start a series of posts describing what is in The Fluffy Stuffin', maybe even attempting a drawing or two. We shall eventually conclude with a 'blueprint' or layout of the whole thing.


Cynnie said...

I'm in !..
I've missed you!!..
I think a really retro place would go over well..
Bowling is always cool no?

Anyone remember hoochy coochy shows at fairs?

They'd trot out these old tired chicks in skimpy clothes and they'd dance outside the tent to entice the menfolk into the show ?

I am officially old as dirt

Camie Vog said...

The hootchy cootchy automat! Not as slim as an iPhone, but just as entertaining!


I'm older than I get a discount for bein' nearly zimmered?

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