Friday, January 19, 2007

TheFS: Kegler Kings

Of course, The Fluffy Stuffin' will have bowling alleys. I'm thinkin' two; this allows for many theme nights when they get named: Tango & Cash, Mickey & Minnie, Fred & Ginger...pick a theme we'll do it. Given the advances in wizz bang video these days, we'll have a cool overhead system that allows projections onto the lanes where, for example, a trail of fire will follow your throw down the lane! My favorite would be the curling broomsmen just ahead of your ball, which may be trailing fire! Many possibilities open up... Amplified sound will make your hits sound as if you were preparing for Ragnarok.

Next to the bowling alley will be the attached bowling alley restaurant, The Gutter. Right on top of the lanes themselves will be a line of chaise lounges, with swingarm tables for holding food and the like. If you get blasted by a wayward bowling ball on your chaise, you get some kinda Fluffy Stuffin medal!
The Gutter will have bowling related dishes: The Turkey, The Seven-Ten Split, etc...

No mere ugly rental saddle shoes here: our shoes will be designed/picked by The Manolo! And, of course, be Super Fantastic!

The annual highlight will be our "Come as your favorite Earl Anthony" tournament.(see pic!) Because you know you want to.

More ideas?

Note: "Kegler Kings" was a pen-and-paper game of bowling icons I knew many years ago...and still have fond memories of...


Tinkerbell said...

As a middle aged woman ..
I'll be there as the kegeling Queen..
No explanation needed ..

K said...

Ha--The Manolo.

Pretty funny.


I'd bring Bambi. She forgets to let go of the ball and it bouncing bombs over several lanes. Once she let it go backwards and several innocents parted like chaff as it sailed over towards the bar. Bambi is dangerous.