Thursday, March 01, 2007

Click, Click, What?

Hey say, Fluffy readers, all 6 of you! I haven't forgotten you, no, no not at all! I just have been producing food posts lately, and I wanted to mix it up and move on to other things. Of course I'll come back to food, how could I not? But there are other parts of life, ya know.

Well, they disconnected the cable the other day, so for the first time in more than 20 years, I ain't got no TV! Shocking, that whole lack of money thing. I'm not one of those who stick their nose in the air and talks about how they don't need it. Bullhockey! I hate those people who don't have it out of sheer cheapness or some form of cultural snobbery, because when they've come over they get sucked down the TV rathole faster than I ever will. I had to go to Camie's last night to watch the shows we like because the end of sweeps is neigh, and we needed some bonding energy with SproutVog too. The Little Man was in fine spirits and we had a lot of fun just slamming around in his room, playing a form of baseball with stuffed animals being hit in a specific sequence. His delight in living, having fun, throwing himself at me like I'm a big stuffed animal myself, makes me happy and reminds me of delights that I haven't remembered for myself since...I was his age!

I gotta remedy this problem somehow, with monies that don't yet exist, because I know it will drive me nuts eventually. But until I do, I've taken to watching a whole movie at the end of the night just before trying to "go to bed," like I really just fall asleep anymore! It may not have been the wisest choice to start with Marat/Sade, but Lubisch's To Be or Not To Be, Lost in Translation, and Rounders, have had almost a pallative effect. I think this is good. Why? Gotta think about that one.

Find your bliss.


Cynnie said...

aww..poor baby/..

I didnt even have a tv for about a decade back in the 80's..
it sucks.

I have some see death of a president ? Blazing saddles? want me to send ?

* (asterisk) said...

As long as you have a TV and DVD player, you're good to go. You can probably catch most everything else on YouTube.


spot on *. Nowt worth watchin on terrestrial n mainly repeats elsewhere. Just nick a few dvd's n chill