Thursday, March 08, 2007

What is the sound of one camera shooting?

Although those of you who've known me for awhile have known of this, Fluffy Stuffin would like to formally introduce Couch Buddha Enterprises, the film making wing of The Vast Fluffy Empire, which at the moment, is on the other side of broke. This means things can only look up! (and see the falling Acme safe heading straight for us!)

Couch Buddha right now is about the writing of screenplays that I intend to direct, by any means possible. These have rattled around the noodle for quite some time and it's time to start writing them out at length. I don't think offhand that I'll be putting them up here, for much the same reason I'll quit putting the novel up here as well; no one seems to be all that interested, except Herr Dinners, for whose support and comments I will always be grateful. But there's our Icon at the top of the page, sublime, stoked on coffee and on the phone! Our ideal! As I progress, I'll let you know where things are at. If folks are interested in what filmic ideas I've got, I may indeed discuss them, just let me know.




Write a script about your life and I bet it'd get taken up. I'd try the same but nobody'd believe me.

Ron said...

mmmm...too boring, too sad, but thanks for the thought Mr. Dinners!

But you! We'd have to animate you, no actor could do you justice...

* (asterisk) said...

Definitely interested in this exciting direction, Ron. Keep us posted.

Cynnie said...

I suck as a freind..
I should have encouraged you more huh?
but do know that I love all things fluffy!