Friday, February 16, 2007


The photos I took the other day of Zingermans were of the deli. I may go back that just to take photos of the sandwiches -- trust me on that one -- but today I went to another Zing location, the Bakehouse! To wit:

Please notice when your bread arrives for maximum freshness:

With the speciality breads, you should also know the day!

For those who like sweet, the chocolate cherry sorta pumpernickel is excellent, but I love the parmesan pepper bread: big chunks o cheese with hot peppercorns interspersed throughout. I don't even make sandwiches with these breads, just eat 'em as is!

Let's look at some bread, eh?

And a bit more...ooops! Blurry photos=no coffee!

What else we got? Brownies...multiple flavors...


Croissants, and more..

Palmiers and Cinnamon Rolls!

and lastly, let's send you with some cookies! Ok, back later!

Update: You can now take baking classes from one shots to 4 days of baking madness!



droolin on me keyboard has made the keys sticky

* (asterisk) said...

Wow, that's some kinda bread-fest, man!

Cynnie said...

I love BREAD!!

vbspurs said...

You have linkage, Ron!

Thanks, baby! It looks and no doubt tastes wonderful. :)


vbspurs said...

Four Dinners' avatar scares me.

Are you sure he is safe to consort with?

*waves to Four Dinners*