Sunday, February 11, 2007

Land of Zing

The Indefatigable Sundries not long ago, took us on a photo tour of one of her Miami markets which was quite nice! So in this post we sort of return the delight, by going to Zingerman's one of my favorite stores/places to go here in A2! Without a doubt, Camie will speak differently on this topic, and for her views you may wind up seeing them in her blog. Here, you get my blather! Zing's is not an airport hanger of a market, but rather a small corner, which, over time, has become an every bigger corner. They also go to great pains to makes some of their own goods in a bakery, a creamery, a coffee roaster...hell, they probably make zeppelins somewhere in town! I may go to these places just to show you what goes on there, but today, let's just check out some stuff in the deli, shall we?

Your standard row of cheeses!

Let's look at some French...

Some French and Italian...

and French and Spanish!

Let us not forget the English...

And the Blue Veined!

Lastly, just a bit of their own...

Is it all about Cheese? Well, in this post it seems to be! Here's a bit of pate,
and a bit of bacon,

a bit of sausage to finish this one off...

I'll save the bread for next time!


Pickled Olives said...

Holy Cow that's a lot of cheese!

Cynnie said...


God i love that stuff!

Camie Vog said...

Oh, I am all over this! The "13th Step" will be exposed for all!

vbspurs said...

OMG!! RON THIS IS AMAZING...I can't believe I have two blogposts inspired by something I wrote, in one day.

I will link to it too!

(still reading/looking at the pics)



mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pate
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bacon
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sausages

thank god there's no beer. Orgasaming over a post wouldn't do at all.