Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Quiet, Coughing, and Bread

Well, the snow I thought would hold up my trip to the Bakehouse yesterday, done showed up today instead. This has produced the wonderful virtue of Snow Quiet. When there's any sort of snow on the roads, people don't drive around very much. Living on a main drag, with too many street lights, I've to appreciate it when it's just dead out there. Normally, this would help me sleep...

...but I've some kinda thing, maybe my bronchitis, which has kept me up all night lately, and just stinks. I can't lie down without coughing up a lotsa...stuff...and not even pit stopping in the land of Nod.

Tomorrow I will try and get some nice Bread pics...maybe some Zingcouragement would let me open up some of the way cool loaves for your Carb Pleasure.

I still have a poem or two in the reserves of Crazy Mike, even some of his odd stories...anyone still interested? Fluffy wants to know.

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