Monday, September 25, 2006

Pining for Love(seat)

It's late and I'm up. Sigh. I kinda knew this would happen today, as sleeping was hammered into me in none-too-pleasant ways, and at indeterminate times. I had a couple of friends over this past weekend, and it was truly a festival of eating. Not that I mind, given how bland and depressing my diet has been due to lack of food diversity, (which is due to lack of money) but I've been oddly training my body to eat less, so when these events occur, they tend to knock me over. I suppose I could endure this but the whole problem is made worse by the fact that there is no really comfortable place in my house. The futon is a mess, the loveset way too small, the dining room chairs too stiff; even the rocker is not enjoyable as it once was, and it's the most comfy thing in the house! Even the bed isn't really comfortable anymore, now feeling so stiff I pile on blankets to produce a 'comfy' effect, which doesn't work as well as you'd hope.

So there isn't really good, relaxing sleep, as I said, it seems to be pounded into me, but always with difficulties. Crashing occurs, but it doesn't feel like good sleep, and I'm never really refreshed by it.

I only write this to observe my own thoughts on the need for a Comfy Chair! And how much such a thing would make the Engines of State perform that much better!

And the whole thing makes me laugh just thinking of it!


benning said...

Heck, Ron, I'm with you! We both need to lose weight! That lack of money - yeah, me, too - can be a godsend if we use it to our health advantage. I gave up the packaged meals - high in fat, salt, flavor - in favor of meat I can freeze, lots of cans of tuna or salmon, and loads of lettuce which I can use as wraps, or as a salad base. It works slowly, but it does work.

When my weight lowers to the point I can fit back into my old jeans, then I will know I'm winning. Until then, I toss the pillows on the floor, lay there reading, and bemoan my weakness that led me to chubby up!


I lost 2 and a half stone on the Dinners diet. Don't eat, drink beer. Worked for me.