Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Got up, couldn't write that post, wrote this one instead

I had a post that my noodlenoggin thought would be good, but when I saw it 'on paper', it looked like crap! I just couldn't send that spew of electrons out into the world, so here I am at 6:13AM, all ready to blog but with nuthin' to say...

So...whatcha up to? Is that right? Hell, I love that too! That's just the best, especially with that caramel sauce crap, even better. I mean, I always wanted a series of breakfast cereals that you should have to set on fire to actually enjoy; Cherries Jubilee, Baked Alaska, Bananas Foster. Christ, who wouldn't enjoy Bananas Foster for breakfast? Hell, how come they haven't made Bacon flavored cereal? Fuckin' A!

Christ, Hell, Fuck...It's a good morning! [drains sluggo coffee] Ahh...[not enough milk for cereal, we indulge in cheese and crackers for breakfast]


Sun's still not up yet...maybe I can still get in some snoozin, even after a mug of Joe...yeah, snoozin...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



What the hell is bananas foster? Bananas with beer on top? Sounds good. (Fosters is Australian beer)

Snoozin's good

Cynnie said...

Every food i make is catch on fire food ..( usually not intentionally)
But put some caramel sauce on about ANYTHING..and's good.
I did the same thing btw..
i thought and thought about a post..and when i wrote it ..
total crap
And not my normal crap..
sub par crap

benning said...

"Bacon flavored cereal?"

Hmmm ... I could prolly eat some of that!