Sunday, September 10, 2006


Relaxin'... I'm a bit sore cause I slept the wrong way, but what of it?

Coffee's done, a late breakfast will be made, and perhaps the paper will be read, if I can find one. For some reason fleets of Harleys are rolling past my door, but my mood is good enough, so roll on, brothers! I have errands to run, but we'll get there when we do.

and how's your morning? Things here are just fine!

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Hectic. Up at 8am to run Jacqui to National Squad training in Reading (about 40 miles away). Finishing off her routine for an International in Bracknell down the road (about 20 miles) next week + the British Championship (In Stoke about 120 miles) + an International in Austria (Fuck knows how far Austria is) a couple of weeks after that. And this is when she's winding down for her operation!

It's now beer time!