Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Wendy Story, Part 2

We continue with a little internal dialogue...

In New York there was Disnification, and there were rumors of Disnification. When the Fairy Dust of East Asian capital hit mid-town, the Lost Boys slithered back to their Soho nightspots, the men with meathooks for hands went back to Brooklyn, and the Boys Who Would Not Grow Up flitted back to the East Village, all for the noble cause of Greater Tourism. Ever since then, every time two bankers from different hemispheres got together for lunch in the upper '50's, people for ten blocks around, knew,in their heart of hearts, that their rattle-trap of an elevator-less building would be plowed over to sell coon skin hats, Goofy neckties, and Scrooge McDuck Money Bins to endless strangers from Kyoto, Singapore and Seoul, so that by the simple virtue of having sat there and having done nothing at all, they would be allowed to leave the Greatest City in The World for West Palm Beach bank statements intact. But that evening, Wendy had pieced together the real truth; that right here in her backyard, would be where the tsunami of greenbacks would hit, and if she were quick enough, she should be able to buy a damn building out from under some saps nose, and turn it around with such force, that, well, the Darwinian struggle for survival would be over. The fortune cookie made her think of how all these people she's been chatting up individually didn't know much, but the logic of their combined knowledge led to unflinchingly obvious conclusions. She had even gone so far as to figure out the building to buy, a building whose placement was crucial to all of the proposed plans for the area. What she couldn't figure out was why this knowledge had left her so depressed.

From behind? Ramon wondered about this as he toweled himself off and, looking about, found some bitchin' oil that would make his pretty damn buff bod look like it had been through the spray wax at the car wash. Yeah, I think it's time. I mean, she knows I'm not a tough guy, she knows that it's time to move the sex life up a notch, time for him to show her he could take control.

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Turn this into a novel. It will sell. I haven't a fuckin' clue what's goin' on so trust me. It will sell.