Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rhythm fights boredom

I must admit it was a low energy day today. I must stop blaming entropy for my own personal laziness, but I can't even muster the energy to do that, and I'm not even trying for a pun there!

But I wasn't bored, which is odd. Somehow the events of the day had a rhythm about them, and with rhythm in my corpus, I don't get bored. Things got done 'in rhythm,' meaning I did them at the time I wanted to, not when I had to. Even though it was a low energy day, I got a lot done. So, I'm quite delighted with myself.

What bores you? What gives you energy? Does rhythm matter to you?



Little Caz used to talk about Rhythm. Some kind of method or some'at but that was when we were young....

Work n Cricket bore me.

Punk n Beer n curry n Vodka n soccer give me energy. (Well allright, soccer knackers me out but I start off energetic for about 5 minutes or so)

Anonymous said...


Oh, I sort of remember that. Isnt that what kids have?
I just have bags/suitcases under my eyes these days.