Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Set phasers on...caress

Batshit crazy Bill Shatner turned 75 yesterday! 75! He's the reason there's hope for us all; he's gone beyond making fun of himself, into parodying the parodys of the parodys! Isn't that how we all should live? Making fun of the wackier aspects of ourselves, and cashin' big checks for doing so? So, I, too, will lust after the Princess of The Green Computer and will hide behind paper mache rocks, for all the good it will do, which as it turns out, may not be so bad after all.

And if you're not careful...I'll record an album!


The Old Fart said...

I assume you saw his "How Star Trek Changed the World" on the history channel?

Ron said...

Yes, and I have his new album!

Camie Vog said...

Oooo! I gotta get me some 'o that.


William Shatner sings The Ramones. What an idea! Bet he'd do it too.

Ron said...

William Shatner has been known to sing Prince, and "I'm going to sex you up" on MTV. (complete with smoke machine, purple jacket, and steel drum band backup!)

The Old Fart said... that's an image I didn't need.

bob said...

Next mental image sure to leave marks:

William Shatner sings Prince's hit single "Kiss".