Sunday, March 19, 2006

I take the tag!

Me songs:

1. I won't dance -- Irving Berlin
2. Just like honey -- Jesus and Mary Chain
3. Cool Thing -- Sonic Youth
4. El Picador -- Calexico
5. The Strand -- Roxy Music
6. Bomb The Twist -- 5,6,7.8's
7. Around My Smile -- Hope Sandoval



The Old Pretenders have lost a hedgehog - of sorts. Camie says you all play Hogball. Is our Tiggywinkle in Michigan? 'N is e bein' mistreated?

Ron said...

Hogball is famous around here...Our hog is known as Sparky Begonia, but I think he and Tiggy are 'just good friends.' Mistreated? We may get all Abu Greeeeb on the passing Otter, Badger, or Marmaset, but Hedgehogs? Never! They're a sacred critter around my abode!