Monday, March 13, 2006


I was going to have a ham sandwich with pea soup today, but I got sidetracked by an excellent pot of coffee, so no lunch!

I think instead I'll fry up the ham with some hash browns and even more coffee for breakfast, in what?, a few hours?

sigh, again... but a sigh with ham!


Camie Vog said...

Jupiter, my darling Jupiter....
(sang to the tune of Dunke shane)
yes, that's the american spelling of shane.

bob said...

True story.

One night I was a-dreamin', and at the tail-end of the night, at a point of dramatic impact, a deep, sonorous voice in my dream intoned (to music:

That's how we did it
We did it with ham.
Ham makes everything
bigger and better.

Total symmetry - four lines, five syllables each.

So now at the Bob house, whenever we have a pig product (bacon, trotters, tripes, loin, roast, chop, chitlins, etc) I get to sing the ham song.

It's an anthem of sorts to Ham.

Ron said...

Oh, you mean it's a "Hamthem!"