Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You go, Clyde!

So, today, over at Althouse, there was a post about a woman who fashioned a "hair dog" on the top of her head!

Well, my friend Clyde saw the post, saw her profile picture...and let's just say he dares to dream the big dream!


Darcy said...

Cute! He looks like he might 'do!

Michael Hasenstab said...

Is Clyde an albino squirrel? That would be rare, at least where I live.

All the more fetching atop a blonde head. Alive, though, not dead, and sniffing at curious passers by.

joated said...

Clyde is no albino (he lacks the pink eyes a true albino would sport), but he is certainly melanistically challenged! (That means he also lacks the melanine in his fur to turn it gray, or in some cases black.)

Cute little devil, however. Dream on Clyde, dream on.

The Preacherman said...

Now I've had some old dogs in my time but this is ridiculous!!!