Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some girl I know watched the debates...

How ugly a girl must I be as a voter when the two guys plying me with drinks, trying to seal the deal, do so with less enthusiasm as an octogenarian on a cruise?

One swore that he would pull out early and who believes that!?
Besides, I think he thought that that was what I wanted to hear, but how much of a difference would that make anyway? His delivery wasn't as smooth as the bankers and hippies hanging around him, and not as sincere. His grinning friend with the hair plugs didn't make him any sexier.

The other swore that even though the last guy from his office broke my heart and made me cry, he was different, and that "Change was coming", which, as a pick up line, is...uninspiring.
He swore I'd take home more money when he was through, but a 10% discount coupon for boat insurance from AIG and a partial ownership in a timeshare in Reykjavik is not what I would call "more."

His cute-as-a-bug daughter? --granddaughter?-- might wink at me and have me throw him a pity pout, but only once, and not again, even four years from now.

The only Change that is coming in this girls life is my pension, which I'll find between the cushions of the sofa, I think.



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