Saturday, October 11, 2008

New York!

It's been awhile since the Stuffin has been on a trip... but we went to NYC last week for a brief visit, thanks to my friend "Pete" Kadur and his Sig Oth + Childrens! So we had to go back to Carmine's. Here's to you PVK:

What do you think, the new FS picture?

Here we are in the same shot. Isn't Pete handsome? or just cute? or looking like he's trying to sell me something?

There's more to life than alcohol abuse. Not much more, but there is eating! Thus, a menu!

All of New York was worried about their stock portfolios that week so I, too, had to pretend I cared. Note the gravitas -- or perhaps merely heartburn!

Alas, that's all I got (well, maybe more later :) ) as my camera came back from being fixed two days late for me to take it! Ah, well, next trip!


Cynnie said...

I LOVE the PHOTO!!!..


doesnt everything just look sexier with a martini glass in hand ?

btw, gravitas is the new word for 2008..I've never in my life heard it used so much ..ever..
kisses you handsome sweet man !

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I like your new avatar a lot!