Monday, March 17, 2008


Camie, Cynnie, myself...we've all got the blogging blahs...why is this so? I think the winter was not a kind one to us, and now that spring is almost here, we want to go out into the world and be there, not at the blogging grindstone...

But it shouldn't be like that, cause we can do what ever we want! Maybe the sun and seeing more folks outdoors will charge the old batteries, and give us stuff to chat about.

I wish I could come and meet with you all out there in our little group, but, man, funds are non-existant and life is just a pain-in-the-butt struggle most times. If and when we meet for real I think we will all get a charge out of it, and much blogging will resume. I may follow Camie's lead and put up a video of meself just rambling on for no reason, which I think others will enjoy!


Cynnie said...

ooo...I'll call you when i feel social again..And I'll video a bit of it ..
and post it !..
aww..arent we cute ?
( and post a vid of you you you ..yum!)


I'm saving big time to come on over old bean.

She'll kill me for saying (when I get there) but CV even offered to cover a bit of the air fair! How awesome (to use the US vernacular) is that!!!

Dinners is heading for Michigan. Guaranteed next year - the savings are mounting.

I have to do an 'old gits' booze up to Spain and the Old Pretenders Tour in between but I'm on the way old bean.

2009 is Dinners in Ann Arbor.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

oh allright...just get the beers in then...;-)

(I kid you not. I am THERE)

You wanna be part of an international incident? You're in!