Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's answer Chiot Mort's question

Dead Puppy asked what would I like for Xmas...ok, here goes.

We need many things at The Stuffin, but let's try and sort things out.

1.) Furniture. I have nothing but uncomfortable stuff!

2.) Clothing. Most everything is shot to hell, and I'm a tuff fit!

3.) Car Repair. Nothing major, just lots of small stuff let's harass Camie about it!

4.) Vacation. It's been far too long since I've been outta town, but I think Camie may need one more than even I, so let's send her to London, shall we?

5.) Kitchen stuff. It's old, in bad shape, and not much fun to use.

Just a few thoughts here, maybe more as I think about them.


Cynnie said...

If camie goes to london..I'm going too !..


And so are you...

C'mon FS!! Get yer arse over here n you n CV n Cynnie n anybody else who wants to join in can have a ball!!!