Friday, November 23, 2007

All right then!

What does my readership want for Xmas? Go ahead and tell The Jolly Old Fat Man who runs The Stuffing! We'll see what we can do!



The Simpsons Movie on dvd

A new car

A holiday home in Barbados

A date with either Nicole Kidman or Kylie Minogue (or both at the same time) that ends with incredible sex.

If the Simpsons on dvd is hard to get hold of don't worry about that one.....

Donald Douglas said...

A 20-inch monitor for my pc.

American Power

Cynnie said...

all i want for christmas is my darling floof..

2008 is THE year baby!!

Anonymous said...

mmm imma g2 disneyland n then i want the evil strega 2 die so i can move back 2 cali
i want my da s hands 2 stop hurtin
i want claustro n agoraphobia 2 leave
i dun want nemore seizures ty
wotta u want?