Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wolverine Farts

Sorry all, been neglecting the ol' blog a bit too much, so here's a nice Football Saturday post for you. Around my house, 6 Saturdays a year, 100,000+ drunks show up and lock me in for the day. This is the 4th straight week of this nonsense, and it's gettin' to me....

Ah....the coffee's done...hang on a second, whilst I pour a cup.

Thanks for waiting...I'm back.

There's been some company here lately, as my old friend Evan showed up with wife and baby in tow. Evan was a grad student here for 10 years, and he was one of a crew that hung out here on the weekends for many years. It's was good to see him all adult-like and everything! He brought me a coffee cup (now being used) from near his work, the Nevada Test Site. It's nice and black with a glowy nuclear fireball on it. Good work!

Health update: At present all is well, medications are being taken, and I've even lost a pound or two. Many more to go on that front!

Work update: ummm...there is none. The dude I worked for briefly didn't get the funding he said he would, so I am back to struggling.

I have gone to writing bits again, and am trying to integrate these in the ol' novel still kicking around my head.

My friend Bob is now in London for the next year. His wife may visit in Jan, perhaps to teach a course on London theatre. We'll see.

Good friend and all around swell person Lela (Art Gurl) will be getting married soon. I'd love to see if I could swing the Northern California trip needed to see that!

I'll write more frequently; I've just been a bit of a skunk! Mea culpa.



100,001 drunks maybe next year....

Get on with that book. I nead a good read.

Glad yer still breathin'

Joe Jackson

Cynnie said...

aww floofy..
I've missed you