Friday, April 06, 2007


So, I was doing the dishes, using the very end of a bottle of soap, and having to use quite a bit of it to cut through the grease I had in a pan, when I broke down and opened up a new bottle of the soap, same kind, and this new bottle? It really worked, much better than the old one, and I had to use only a fraction of it for much better cleaning. Not too mention that nice apple scent! But it got me to thinking; do even our cleaning products weary of things? Are they bored at a certain point, and just phoning it in? Yeah, yeah, science, I know. But perhaps ennui sets in in your Palmolive, and it would tell you about it -- like you'd listen! -- but it knows the end is coming soon and it bravely suffers in silence... Would a soap named Weltschmerz sell to arty types? Could be a market!


vbspurs said...

If wit, grace, and class, not to mention intelligence were a commodity, you would be a millionaire, Ron.

As it is, I saved the best for last, and am appending my warmest, and best Happy Easter wishes to you, my dear chum.

Many a prayer for your good fortune will escape my lips, this Easter Mass, believe me.

Happy Easter, Ron!!


Cynnie said...

Oh my beloved lil' floofy.

i was thinkin about you today


doin' the dishes? What does that mean????