Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Racing around in circles like a wolverine with it's butt on fire!

Ok, it's late, I should be sleeping, but my mind is General Paulus in the Stalingrad that is my life, so here I am trying to find some damn thing to type that isn't 1/10 as depressed as I feel. Things are bad, but I'm workin' on it. Will it do any good? Any good at all? I need a sign. A relief corps or three. Camie, where are my vitamins?

Idiotic song lyrics are also stuck in my head and emerge at the strangest moments. "Every hotsi-totsi Nazi is here!", from the ought five Producers just showed up, connecting my previous Stalingrad reference to musical comedy! Sure, why the hell not?

I could sing again, but why torture people? At least I give the fizmeister a chance to mock my mockable Brit accent! Ah, fear not! I vill sing....and do ze Time Warp again!

How much would I like to connect a word, a tone, a gesture, a scent, and what my mind and heart have wrought, into a neat item, a charm or token, something I could pass on to those I care for.... made by me, for you, for good, for your good.

I put it all in the dribble glass of my consciousness and stand here, yer 'umble 'n obed'nt baggy pants vaudevillian, waitin' to see if you get the punch line.



Do Time Warp! Yes Yes Yes! Do Time Warp!
Haven't got the punch line but I'm a bit thick....

How about a couple of limerics?

There was an old man from Leeds
Who swallowed a packet of seeds
Great clumps of grass shot out of his arse
And his cock was all covered in weeds

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
Knickers all tattered and torn
It wasn't the spider that sat down beside her
It was Little Boy Blue with the Horn

ronin1516 said...

Ron - saw your comment on Dr helen's Blog, and I live in Ann Arbor too. Possibly have even met and interacted with you at Herb David Guitar Studio a couple of years back. Please contact me backchannel.(