Friday, June 09, 2006

"Let's Face The Music and Dance"

This is for being "egged" on by the inestimable fatfiz. I'll do one more Astaire number from the same picture as the last one, Follow The Fleet. I'm thinkin' of others to do, so you're duly warned!

Things have been melancholic around here lately, so the song fits the Fluffy Stuffin mood....

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If I ever get the dosh up to visit Ann Arbor (n I am tryin t'save) I claim the first tango.

A request. "Always look on the Bright Side of Life". Love to hear yer sing that.

the cappuccino kid said...

i second that request. that or anything by the sex pistols. you look like a guy that is able to shake things up a bit!

come on ron, your fans are calling for it!

the cappuccino kid said...

i have a post up now, i need to know if the honey soaked voice is yours! check
we need to know!

the cappuccino kid said...

you heard it? you seen it? how, not posted it? if you have seen it, and you REALLY HAVE NO OBJECTIONS, can i post it? mail me!